10 BEST PLUGINS TO ADD TO YOUR BRAND NEW BLOGThere are so many plugins which makes it incredibly difficult for new bloggers to decide what they need to add to their brand new blogs!  It can actually get overwhelming and when you’re just starting the last thing you need is to become overwhelmed not knowing how to make the best out of your blog, right?

I know when I first start I selected all of my plugins by trial and error.  I did search on Google and Pinterest also to determine which ones were popular, which ones were the best and what people had to say about them but I’ve looked at 100’s if not 1000’s of plugins since I’ve started blogging.

So not wanting you, as a brand new blogger, to go through the same thing I did, I decided to create a list of plugins that you definitely need so your blog is running great and also keeping everything safe!

  1. AKISMET:  Protects your blog from spam.
  2. DROPBOX BACKUP & RESTORE:  Creates a full backup (files & database) of your website.
  3. YOAST SEO: The #1 SEO plugin that is user friendly and truly helps your blog rank.
  4. GOOGLE ANALYTICS DASHBOARD FOR WP: Displays Google Analytics reports & real time statistics in dashboard.
  5. SHAREAHOLIC: Social media share buttons, ability to show related posts and social analytics.
  6. W3 TOTAL CACHE: Uses script, page, browser, database and object caching.  Used by top web portals and offers incredible site improvement.
  7. ALL-IN-ONE WORDPRESS SECURITY & FIREWALL: The best plugin that will give your site ultimate security & protection.
  8. URL MANAGEMENT: Redirects old URL’s to new ones (301) and keeps track of outgoing links.
  9. DISQUS COMMENT SYSTEM: Allows readers to comment on your blog posts.
  10. FAST SECURE CONTACT FORM:  Gives you the ability to add a simple contact form to your contact page allowing people to send messages quickly & easily on your website.

These are the top 10 plugins that I started with that are extremely important.  Of course, over time you’ll most likely be adding more but this will definitely get you started and be extremely safe at the same time.

To find these plugins log into your WordPress. org account and go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New and type the name in the list above in the Search field on the right side of the page and you’ll get many results.  The list above are very popular plugins so they should show in the top one or two.

Always keep plugins updated.  You will get alerts on your WordPress Dashboard when a new version is released and you really need to update them ASAP because it keeps your website/blog secure.

Also, if you have plugins in your Installed Plugin list that are not activated and you’re not going to use then be sure to delete them.  They’re just sitting there taking up space and it’s very easy to just delete them.

If you’re new to WordPress with a self-hosted website and need help getting around the WordPress Dashboard check out my free ebook!

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I’d love to hear if you have plugins that aren’t listed or if you have any questions, please leave me a comment!