crucial email marketing mistakesEmail marketing is the best way to connect with your audience even better than social media!  It’s the best way to provide valuable content that your subscribers want, will use and find valuable.

Here are 10 crucial email marketing mistakes that I’ve made in the past and also seen in other emails I’ve received.  I also tell you how to fix or avoid making these mistake!

1. Email provides no value to your target audience

If you’re sending an email that is all about you, you, you…  then you’re not providing value to your target audience.

Or if you’re sending information to your target audience that they have no interest in, then you’re not providing value to your target audience.

Really paying attention to your target audience in forums and Facebook groups to see what their problems are, what their questions will give you the ideas you need to be providing your subscribers with valuable content.

2. Email focuses on your product and not your customer

If you are only using your emails to sell your products and not providing any value to your readers, they are going to lose interest very, very fast.

Yes, you can definitely use your emails to showcase your products but you first need to gain your subscribers trust before you send emails to sell your products.  You should definitely be sending emails that are giving them tons of free value the majority of the time!

3. Email is showing none of your personality

I’m sure you’ve heard that you need to find your voice when writing your blog posts which means you need to add your personality to your blog posts.  Well you also need to add your personality into your emails.  Your blog personality and your email personality need to match.  If you’re looking for ways to add your personality into your emails click here for a previous blog post I wrote.

sincerelyerinxoxo photo4. Email contains more than one CTA (Call To Action)

First of all what is a CTA (AKA: Call To Action)? It is a statement in an email (or blog post) designed to get an immediate response from the person reading or hearing it.  It is the final instruction to your reader to take action.


Click here to enroll now

This is a limited one-time even so click here to get your offer.

If you’ve been neglecting your ____________ then this challenge is for you so click here.

So now that you know what CTA’s are make sure you are only adding one to each email. If you are adding multiple CTA’s it will confuse your subscribers and they won’t know what to do and may end up doing absolutely nothing and you don’t want that!

On the opposite side of this, you also don’t want to not add any because your subscriber will not know what to do with all of the great information you’ve just given them so you need to be sure to give them a follow through.

5. Too many grammatical or spelling errors

Have you ever of spell check?  Be sure to use it!!  Spelling and grammatical errors are not professional and it’s just too easy to make sure you don’t have any and only takes seconds to do a spell check.

6. Subject line is just plain boring

I always say your subject lines are your first impression to your email and if your subject line sucks then people probably aren’t going to bother going any further and opening your email.

To read more on this check out a guest post I wrote for Flourishing Freelancer that will give you detailed information on how to write over-the-top subject lines to get your emails opened!

7. Not consistent in sending emails

Do you have an email strategy?  A calendar that you’ve planned when and what emails you’re going to send your subscribers?  If not, it’s very important to sit down and create one to keep you on track and present in your subscribers inboxes so they don’t forget who you are!!

Don’t think you can send an email every few months and think you’re going to get a good open rate or people or going to respond because unfortunately it’s not going to happen.  You need to be consistent.  At least one a month, once every other week or once a week.

8. Not having a email list at all

If you don’t even have an email list, I encourage you to start one right now…. today!!  It’s very important.  If you are relying on social media to communicate with your followers, that could change at any time because you don’t own that information.  What if something happen, algorithms change and all of your followers are gone?  There is nothing you can do about it!

Don’t wait another day, start your email list now.  If you have no idea how to do this, check out my ebook.

steps to grow your email list

9. You didn’t include any links to your website

When you’re sending emails obviously you want to make your email goal to be that you’re sending your subscribers valuable information and as important is that you want to include links to your website.  You want to get people to click through to your website to read more information on the topic your emailing about.

Or if you are signed up for any affiliates then you want to be sure you’re including your affiliate links in the email to increase your income.

10. Never asking what your subscribers would like to see

Asking your subscribers what they are having problems with or what they’d like to see from you is a good thing.  Just ask them one simple question and ask them to hit reply and you will read each and every email.  If there is something that people are struggling with, they will reply so it’s gives you great ideas on what your next project will be.

Follow these 10 tips will ensure that your emails are strong giving you a much bigger chance of them being opened and read by your subscribers.  If you’re unsure please sign up for my ebook listed above.