Many people do not have a budget to hire a professional to design their website so DIY it is!  I have written this blog post to give you 10 things that will make your website look unprofessional and how to fix them.

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If you have too many colors, not enough colors or colors that do not coordinate your website will look extremely unprofessional.

Colors are very important to your website and it really shouldn’t just be picking your favorite colors to use.  You should really put some thought into your brand and the people you want to attract to your website because color matters.

Click here to read my blog post that will break everything down and give you some ideas on how to choose colors for your website.


There are a few reasons that fonts can make your website look unprofessional but mainly when you have fonts that are hard to read.  Many people, including myself, love the pretty script fonts but sometimes they can be hard to read. If that’s the case steer clear of them.  There are many beautiful script and other type fonts available that you’re still able to easily read.

Nothing is worse than landing on a blog that you want to check out but because of the font, you’re unable to read most everything on it.  What do I immediately do when this happens?  Leave that website and I can guarantee I’m not the only one who does the same exact thing!

Also, if you have multiple fonts but they aren’t cohesive.  So, for example, you have one font that gives a fun, childlike vibe but another font that one of the beautiful script fonts.  They do not work well together so you really need to be careful of the various fonts you are using.

Oh and speaking of multiple fonts, don’t use too many fonts either.  I’d say at the most 3 possibly 4 but definitely no more.


If you’re using stock photos or photos that you are taking yourself, make sure they look great because having not so great images is a huge turn off for people visiting your website.

The majority of people are looking before they’re reading which means they’re going to notice most everything in the look and feel of your website.  This is why branding and images are so extremely important!

Notice my styled stock photo below has my brand colors, the pink and the blue.  Also has office supplies and the journal with the positive phrase which I LOVE!!  If you follow me on Instagram, that’s practically all I post along with my dogs!

Hello SuperStar by Sincerely, Erin xoxoBROKEN LINKS:

Let me start by saying just one word: TEST!!  Make sure you test everything on your website to make sure it works.  What do I mean by that?  All of the links work, the pages flow and are linked correctly, buttons are working correctly, links in images work correctly and icons are working correctly.

You don’t want anyone to get that dreaded 404 error code, you want to make sure everything works correctly so test, test, test… did I say test enough?  Haha!

Read my blog post on how to create a 404 error page that won’t frustrate people!

Even better yet, if you have someone that would run through it for you and test everything, that would be great as well.


First of all, you want to start an email list on DAY 1 of launching your blog.  With this being said, you also want to make sure you are putting opt in boxes on each page, at least 2 on each page.  You want to make sure readers are not searching for a place to sign up because chances are, they will leave and not sign up.

Add them to your home page, blog posts, end of blog posts, contact page, about page, start here page, social media profiles… everywhere!

If you are interested in learning more about starting your email list for your blog, check out my webinar here that gives will explain how to start your list and create freebies in exchange for email addresses.


This goes for any page on your website but whatever your landing page is, for me it’s my Home page, you don’t want to give a bad first impression so make sure your page is easy to read and not full of clutter making it appear that there’s no order for it.

Did you ever hear the saying “less is more?”  Well that applies here.  Display your most important stuff on your home page and give links to get to other pages and places of importance on your website.


No selfies, I repeat no selfies anywhere on your website!!  These look so unprofessional.  If you want people to take you seriously you need nice photos of yourself to display.

You can either have a professional photographer take them, have a friend, who somewhat knows how to use a camera, take them for you or what do I do?  I take them myself.

I use my DLSR camera and I have this or you can use a timer. If at all possible, I suggest getting this wireless remote shutter trigger.  It makes it so easy to take self portraits and have them turn out looking really great!

FOR CANON REBEL: (Please be sure it fits your model!)
FOR MOST NIKONS: (Please be sure it fits your model!)


As soon as anyone lands on your Home Page you want them to know what the purpose of your blog is so they don’t have to look all over and try to figure it out.  Also, along with including the purpose of your blog you need to let everyone know who your blog is written for.

If you don’t know who your dream customer is yet, check out my blog post to help you figure this out and you can also sign up for my ideal customer worksheet.


If you are not being genuine in your blog posts it will shine through.  When you’re writing anything on your website be sure to write as if you are talking to your BFF.

It might help to read whatever you have written out loud to see if it really sounds like you talking.  If not change it by adding words or phrases you are constantly saying.  Also you can definitely use bold and italics to show emotion through your writing as well.

Using your voice is important because you want to sound the same in person as you do when writing your copy (AKA: your content).  To discover your voice check out this post!


We all make mistakes at one time or another because no one is perfect but it’s always best to check and re-check spelling and grammar when writing anything on your website. This also extends to anything you do including emails, social media posts, any of your freebies, etc. It’s just unprofessional to have these type of errors and the best way to go about correcting them is just to use your tools to check spelling before you are clicking publish.

Also, if you have someone you trust and someone who doesn’t mind proofreading, you could have them take a look and go over blog posts.

What are things that you see on websites that you think make them look unprofessional?  I’d love to hear your opinions so please leave a comment below.