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10 Ways to cut negativity out of your life_Remain PositiveHere are the ways that I’ve always been able to get over those times when your negative thoughts take over and remain positive when blogging.  It happens to everyone so with these you’ll be able to work through them and regain a positive attitude and move onto writing amazing content.

1.  Change unhealthy self-talk

2.  Find a positive viewpoint of a negative thought or situation

3.  Take time each evening to reflect on the good things that happened that day

4.  Exercise (Yoga and/or Pilates) along with eating well and sufficient sleep

5.  Surround yourself with like-minded people (in person or online)

6.  Remember to reward yourself for your accomplishments even if it’s something small

7.  Take a few minutes each day for yourself.  Step away from kids, work, husbands or wives, social media, tv and just breathe and focus on you. (Meditate or read a book)

8.  Think about what you’d tell your best friend if they were going through a hard time

9.  Place positive quotes around your home and/or work station that you’ll see on a regular basis

10.  Set goals


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