12 emails to send that are not your latest blog postHave you been putting off starting your email list because you don’t know that to send your subscribers?

Maybe the only thing you can think to send is a short email with a link to your latest blog post…

Or you are sending newsletters with a bunch of “fluff” in them just so it looks like you’re sending a lot of information.

Well I’m here to let you know there are so many different types of emails you can send to capture and keep the attention of your readers and we’re going to go over 12 emails to send that aren’t your latest blog post.

These are emails that serve your email list and so you will not just be sending them “fluff” that really isn’t helping them solve anything or they’re not interested in anyways.

Oh and just to let you know “X” below means insert a number.

Showcase Useful Tools and Services

This is such a great email topic to use because we, as bloggers, are always using various tools and services so if we can share them with our readers, they’ll love you for it!!  Don’t think that just because you’ve found it, heard about it and are using it that everyone else has because that is not the case!

And there are several different ways that you can present these and I can tell you this is only a few because there are so many more.

  • Reviews
  • Comparisons
  • Tutorials

Fear or Threat emails

This type of emails is meant to get your readers to really think that they need to change/do something or else.  They are meant to get your subscriber to take action.

X reasons something will fail.

Why your _______ sucks and what to do about it.

Why you should stop ______.

Share Your Opinion and Reflecting on things you’ve learned

Just as this one says, it’s a way to share your opinions.  Your “fans” will appreciate you sharing your opinion because they trust what you are saying.  Also, reflecting on things you’ve learned since you’ve started your blog is a really great way to get the attention of your readers.

Highlight top tips

X things I wish I had known about when I starting blogging.

Showcase things like how Pinterest I images have changed from the beginning to the present.

If I could do things differently…

An old post revamped

If you have some older posts that aren’t getting as much traffic as newer posts, you can try to update them and send an email to your subscribers.

Check out my Steps to Grow Your Email List Ebook

steps to grow your email list

Ask your subscribers what they need help with

Ask questions.  This is the easiest way to figure out what they need, what they’re having problems understanding and/or what they’re frustrated with.  If you think you won’t get responses then offer a freebie if they respond.  People love free especially if it’s something that will solve one of their problems and/or make their life easier!

Behind the scenes look at your life, business or blog

I’ve got something new coming and here’s a little sneak peek!

I took a break from work this weekend and went on an adventure.  Check it out!

An interview with a peer or another blogger

Interviewing others in your industry is a great way to get to know others, collaborate with others and also so share their talents with your subscribers.  Look for someone who has a complimenting niche to yours and interview them to share in an email.

Feature a subscriber

Pick 5-10 of your most engaged subscribers and feature them in your blog or email.

Make your subscribers curious

Peaking curiosity of people is a great way to get people to read your emails.  Because people think they might miss out on something that they need to know, they’ll most likely read it!  It’s human nature for many!

X _______ you didn’t know about ________.

Want more [DESIRED RESULT]?  Here’s what to do. (Example:  Want more Pinterest followers?  Here’s what to do.

Share your affiliate products

Talk about your best/favorite affiliate product, why it’s helped you and give examples.

sincerely erin xoxo flat layCelebrate with your subscribers

Celebrate your birthday, celebrate a blog anniversary, celebrate holidays!

What [ADD EVENT] teaches you about _______.

What you can learn from [ADD EVENT].

Roundup emails

  1. X top blog posts about ______.
  2. X of my favorite ______.
  3. X ______ tips from X _______. (Example:  10 email marketing tips from 5 online entrepreneurs)

In addition to your latest blog post there are so many other blog posts you can email.  All of your emails need to be valuable and every-so-often send them a freebie to make them feel extra special.  It’s also best if your emails are in line with the goals of your business/blog.  So, for example, if you’re launching a product about eating healthy then your emails leading up to the product release would want to be along the same lines.

Also, remember when writing your emails you want to use your voice, your personality so it matches the same way you’re writing on your blog.  Check out my post on how to infuse your personality into your emails.

I’d love to hear if you have any other tips & tricks about emailing your subscribers!