4 REASONS YOUR PHOTOS TAKEN WITH YOUR PHONE SUCKDo you try to take photos with your phone but they always turn out horrible but you don’t know why?

Below are 4 reasons your photos taken with your phone SUCK and what to do to fix the problem going forward!!

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If your photos just aren’t looking crisp and clear it’s probably because you’re not holding the camera still when taking the photo.  It’s sometimes difficult to do but if you can lean over the top of something for balance, like the back of a chair, or stand against something, like a wall, to gain your balance that definitely helps.

You could also buy a tripod to use that will hold your phone and they’re very inexpensive.  I use this one and it works great and really does help a lot!  This is a table top version or one you can bend the legs so they attached to almost anything.  This is universal so fits all smartphones.

Here is a regular size floor model and this one even comes with a shutter remote!


You absolutely cannot use selfies on your website unless they really, truly do not look like selfies and look professional.

If you can tell by looking at a photo that you’re holding the phone in front of you, it’s a no-no to use on your website.

Also, using self-timers on cameras to take self-portraits is so hard to do because it’s hard to get the timer set and be able to get in position to take an awesome photo.

So if you’ve done this and your photos just aren’t turning out because you’re only half in the photo when it’s taken or you have a surprised look on your face because you weren’t ready but the shutter was released because your countdown ended then you should check out a remote that works off of Bluetooth.

It syncs to your phone and you just have to hold the release button and press it when you’re ready and it snaps the photo.  All of the photos that you see on my website were taken using this one and it appears to be universal:


Your photos come out way too dark, way too bright looking almost washed out or maybe you are getting really harsh shadows.

None of these are great so using natural lighting in the morning or late afternoon is usually the best times to take photos but using natural lighting is definitely not the most convenient.  You have to wait to take the photos when good natural light is available and that can be really inconvenient lots of times.

Because of this sometimes we’ve got to use artificial light and regular light bulbs to not work at all!  They give all kinds of tones on the photos, lots of yellowish tones that look horrible.

I’ve seen some people saying to use “daylight” bulbs but I have not had any luck with them either.  Maybe I’m too critical of my photos but this is my brand so I want them to be as close to perfect as I can get them.  Don’t you agree?

If you’re taking self-portraits, ring lighting works great.  Another tip: You can also use this for webinars which will give you even lighting throughout your webinar.


Your pictures have multiple items in the background that have nothing to do with the actual photo.  Always try to keep in mind that the background of any photo is just as important as the main subject(s).

If you’re taking photos where you need a clean background I suggest using poster board or craft paper.  You can buy it at your local craft store or online using the links below.

I use the poster board for flat lays and the craft paper if I need a seamless background of the photo to be extended.  I just tape the craft paper on the wall and then lay it out flat underneath and lay my items on the craft paper.  This is where I get the seamless background in the photos.

Foam or poster board. This is white foam board that I use all the time!

Various colors:

White roll of craft paper:
White Craft Paper RollNow it’s time to analyze your photos and see what reason(s) your photos suck and use the information above to take amazing photos!  If you have further questions let me know because I’d love to help you become a great photographer for your blog!!