5 BUSINESS TOOLS THAT BLOGGERS SHOULD NOT LIVE WITHOUTOf course, we all know there are so many business tools & resources out there and some people like one and some people like another one for various different reasons.

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I realize when you’re new to blogging it’s really freaking overwhelming to decide what tools and resources to use especially if you are going to pay a one-time fee or a monthly fee for it, right?

I decided to write this blog post to give you my top 5 business resources that I’ve been using during this past year and I love them, cannot live without them and also explain why!


My web host is Hostgator and I’ve been with them for close to a year and getting ready to renew with them again.

I honestly have had no problems with them or never had any problems with my website not being available.

A few weeks ago during the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, they had a note when you logged into your hosting account stating there may be some interruptions because of the weather but it was just fine so they worked hard to keep everything working as it should even though I believe they are in Texas.

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable web host, check them out.


So the theme I’m using here on my blog is called Victoria by Bluchic and I LOVE IT!!  (All in CAPS because I am screaming this at the top of my lungs!!)  Hahaha!

I cannot tell you the agony I went through when I first started blogging and trying to settle on a theme.  I tried so many free themes and they just weren’t doing it for me.

I started looking around on Creative Market and found a theme that I really thought was going to work so I paid $75 for it.  I used it for a few months and because I was becoming more familiar with what I really wanted my blog to look like, I knew what to look for in the theme.

I think a great tip for new bloggers is to seriously use a free theme for a few months because as you’re using it, you’ll start to figure out what you need to make it look the way you want and run the way you want so you don’t want to end up in my shoes and pay money for one theme and a few months later find the theme of your dreams buy another one.

A new release for Bluchic is their landing page templates.  You know that services for landing pages that you pay for monthly are astronomical and these are only a one time fee and extremely affordable.  If you are interested, please click here!


So I’ve got to say this is probably my #1 favorite business resource that I use and I do not mind at all paying a monthly fee to have such a fantastic email service provider.

So here’s my story… when I started my blog, like many people, I was trying to do it on a very tight budget so I started with Mailchimp.  I signed up and tried, really tried to get everything set up with them and I just couldn’t figure it out and I like to think I’m a pretty “tech-y” person!

So within the first couple of weeks I had started reading about Convertkit and decided almost immediately that was where I needed to invest part of my budget because it was going to be totally worth it.

Come on Convertkit was built for bloggers so it has to be great!!  Well it is.  It’s so easy to set up, easy to get your email up and running.  The Convertkit Dashboard just flows so easily and I do not for one second regret my decision to switch to them even before I was bringing in any cash on my website.

sincerelyerinxoxo photoBOARDBOOSTER

The next best tool that I found and love so, so much is Boardbooster for the automation of my Pinterest account.  I was so tired of always worrying about re-pinning my pins and re-pinning other people’s pins.  It was taking up so much time!!

There are several of my favorite bloggers who use Boardbooster so I decided to give it a try.  For $5 per month for 500 pins, it is completely worth it and such a HUGE timesaver! It honestly saves me a few hours each week.  Now I spend maybe one hour per week on Pinterest.

If you’d like to find out exactly how I have it set up please check out my post here.


This is my next investment because of some upcoming projects that I’ll be offering in my shop on my website.  SendOwl takes care of all the behind the scenes stuff like providing a streamlined checkout, secure product delivery and easy delivery of digital products to your customers.  It also integrates with Convertkit for all emailing to customers!

They also offer an affiliate program that you can set up to offer to people who want to help promote your products.

Please check these out.  You’ll be so happy you did!  Also I’d love to hear any blogging tools & resources that you cannot live without!!