5 Ways To Readers to Your Brand New BlogIt take lots of time, patience and hard work to get traffic to your blog when you are just starting.  You see so many other bloggers saying how they went from 0 to 1000 in 3 days or other similar claims.  Now I’m not saying it can’t or doesn’t happen but the reality of it is this is NOT the way it happens for the majority of new bloggers.

Another tip to remember is, if one way that you’re trying to grow your email list doesn’t work then you cannot keep trying that same exact way, you need to tweak it and try something different.

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I have used 5 steps that worked for me  and I always see new bloggers asking how you get traffic to your blog when you have none.

  1. Know your target audience.  Who are you writing to?

    You have to be specific about who your audience is.  It’s hard to attract readers to your blog when you aren’t exactly sure who your are writing your blog posts for.  People will visit your blog and will be confused if you aren’t displaying who your audience is.

    For example, my mission state is “Helping creative entrepreneurs build businesses they love by combining blogging and social media tips, building a cohesive brand while maintaining a positive outlook for successful outcomes!”  It’s very specific as to what I’m blogging about and who I am blogging to.

  2. Where does your target audience hang out?

    If you are publishing blog posts and sharing them with the wrong audience, you are not going get anyone subscribing to your email list.  For example, do you have a mom blog?  Then you should be looking for groups on Facebook for something like Stressed Moms and How to Cope or any other “Mom Groups” on Facebook.  I just searched in Facebook and entered “mom groups” and of the ones I counted there were 37 and that wasn’t all of them.  Now some of them were specific and that might not fit your niche but this is just to give you an example.

    Do you have a blog about your weight loss journey?  Join Pinterest Groups weight loss and share your blog posts there.

    Hang out with them and listen to everything they’re saying.  What are their questions?  What are their frustrations?  What are their desires?  This is your gold mine!!  You can answer their questions and become an “expert” in your niche.  Once people keep seeing your name, they will start to trust you and specifically start asking you questions, asking your for your opinion!

    Answer their questions by creating a blog post.  Offer some type of freebie in your blog post in exchange for their email address.

    Share your new blog post in all channels and in Facebook groups when they have specific share days.

  3. Have a cohesive brand

    You must have a brand that screams “I’m a professional blogger and I know what I’m talking about!”  Ok so not literally but your blog needs to be branded and cohesive.  If someone comes to your blog and the images are blurry or the links don’t work correctly or you have 4 or 5 different fonts on your home page, these people are not going to stay and read anything.  It’s so extremely important to make sure you brand is awesome and cohesive!!don't dream it do it

  4. Find your blogging voice

    Writing in your own voice is so important!!  Everyone wants to connect with you, know who you are so finding your blogging voice will help you connect with your readers.  How do you do that?  Just be you.  Pretend you are talking to your best friend and write exactly like that.  Check out my blog post:  Your Blog’s Brand Starts with You!

  5. Be genuine and authentic

    If you are not being genuine and authentic, people can tell from miles away!!  There are many people in the blogging world that have the same niche as you but one major difference is your personality.  If you infuse your genuine, authentic and absolutely fantastic personality into your blog you will shine!!

What ways have you used to attract new readers to your blog?  Please comment below.  I’d love to hear your suggestions!!