WAYS TO GAIN TRAFFIC FROM FACEBOOK GROUPSOne of the best ways I’ve gotten lots of traffic to my blog is through Facebook Groups.  You can meet many different people who are all at various stages in blogging.  Some are just testing the waters to see if blogging is something they’d like to pursue, some people have just started their blogs and others are seasoned bloggers so to be able to join various groups and have your content in front of so many different people all in one place is a great way to get traffic to your blog.

So if you’re not using Facebook groups, I encourage you to find a couple of groups in your niche and join them because they are my second biggest source of traffic next to Pinterest.


FACEBOOK GROUPS IN NICHE Not only are they good for getting your content out there but you can also meet new blogging friends, ask questions and just get support from people who know what you are going through.  To me they’re a huge benefit!!

Joining Groups In Your Niche

If you find and join groups within your niche, you then have all the people in that group who could potentially be your dream customer!!  These people have the same interest as you and if you can provide them with valuable information, valuable tools and teach them something new then they will begin to trust you and most likely follow your blog.

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Show Your Expertise

People join Facebook Groups to get support and ask questions and they are looking for answers so if someone if asking something within your niche and you always continue to answer these questions people will value your answers and begin to trust you as an expert.

If someone asks a question and you have already written a blog post to answer that question most Facebook Groups allow you to post a link to your blog post so the person asking along with others can refer to your blog post.  This is a terrific way to gain traffic!!

Participate in Daily Posts

Many groups have posts throughout the week allowing you to post content from your blog, post social media accounts and allow you to connect with other people.  Of course if you’re posting your content, you need to be politically correct and show love to other people who are commenting.  This is one of the ways that you can potentially receive lots of visitors to your blog.  If you have a terrific free email opt-in you can definitely get people to sign up and grow your email list.

Group Specific Ways to Promote Content

Many groups have daily prompts that are the same each week.  So, for example, Mondays are Motivation Mondays.  All groups are different and depending on the group Admin and group niche, the prompts are different but I encourage you to use these prompts each week to your benefit.  If they’re asking your to connect on Pinterest then you should definitely share because you can gain more followers on social media as well.

Start Your Own Facebook Group

If you have the time, you can start your own Facebook Group.  As long as you are providing value in your group that attract people to it, you can definitely have a successful group.  You also have to participate in the group on a daily basis.  You cannot just start that group and not participate because people want to interact with the Admin of the group.  This is a great way to share your expertise, share your content and really connect with people in your niche.  It’s a fantastic way to gain more followers to your blog.

If you’re looking for Facebook Groups to join so you can connect and network with other bloggers, come join my group, The Blogging Connection!

The Blogging Connection Facebook GroupAre there other ways that you use Facebook Groups to gain traffic to your blog?  I’d love to hear them!!