7 WAYS TO GAIN TRAFFIC_GROW EMAIL LISTOne of the most asked questions I see from new bloggers is: How do I get traffic to my blog?  It’s an extremely valid question and one that is really important to get answered.

Another question that I see all the time which is equally as important is:  How do I grow my email list?  I believe both of the questions work hand-in-hand and I’m going to give you 7 awesome ways gain traffic & grow your email list!


First and foremost, you must have amazing, out of this world, knock your socks off content that people are going to want to read. How do you do this?

  • Be genuine
  • Be YOU
  • Your content must answer a questions, be helpful and/or solve a problem


Most people are not active on every social media platform.  They have a couple that they really like and they’re usually active on whichever platform(s) has the most about their interests so you’ve got to find out where people in your niche spend their time.

If they hang out on Facebook and you are sharing your blog posts on Twitter that’s not going to get traffic to your blog.  Makes sense, right?


This is so valuable and I suggest taking time several times per week to comment on some blogs.  Think about what you’re saying in your comment.  This is something that many people hopefully will see so you want the information to be kind, supportive and well thought out.  Don’t just say something like “great content” and expect readers to come flocking to your website.

Also when you’re leaving the comment in the “name” field instead of just typing in your name, type in your business name also so people can find you if they’re interested.  Many times you put in your email & blog URL but that information is not posted in the actual comment.
You also want to respond to any comments where people are commenting on your blog or responding to on other blogs.

EXAMPLE:  Erin / Sincerely, Erin xoxo  OR Erin I SincerelyErinxoxo


SEO is so important for getting Organic traffic to your website.  I use the popular plugin on WordPress called Yoast SEO and it’s easy to use and works well.  It’s also free.


Join Facebook groups in your niche and offer help and assistance to other bloggers when they’re asking questions.  If you are consistent, people will start seeing your name and trusting you and that will lead to more traffic to your blog.

Starting a Facebook Group is another way to get traffic to your blog.  You can offer assistance by sharing your posts but you must do it in a helpful way.  You cannot use a group JUST to share your posts, it will not be successful.  Again, this goes back to the same thing I mentioned about valuable content.  If your Facebook Group is not helping people or not giving them a way to share their blog for free every so often, then it might not be successful.

Oh and speaking of Facebook Groups…  Ladies, if you are looking for a freaking awesome group filled with support, guidance and share days, come check out my group:

The Blogging Connection Facebook Group6. GET TO KNOW YOUR FELLOW BLOGGERS

You must learn that bloggers in your niche are NOT your competition!!  You can work together with other bloggers and gain traffic to your blog.

  • Guest Post
  • Collaborate
  • Write a round-up blog post incorporating other bloggers in some way.  Be sure to let them know on social media or an email and send them a link to your post.


I saved the best for last!!  This is the most valuable way to gain traffic to your blog and get readers to sign up for your email list.  People love, love, love free stuff so if you give them something in exchange for their email, it helps tremendously!!  The content upgrade doesn’t have to be anything extravagant but just something that will make a task easier, solve a problem or help with something.

You don’t just want one content upgrade; you should have several, many!  Then you can place opt-ins in many various places on your website so people sign up!

How do you create free content upgrades?  There are many ways you can do this.  I know some people use Word.  I use Google Docs, Photoshop and Canva all the time to create my free content upgrades.  When you create them make sure they have your blog name or URL on them and keep them in line with your brand.

If you’re trying to grow your email list and nothing is working for you, check out my ebook that will give you 6 simple steps

steps to grow your email list

If you have any other amazing ways you have used to gain traffic and grow your email list, please comment below.  I’d love to hear!!