HOW TO ACCOMPLISH GOALS LIKE A BOSSDo you sit down to write a blog post, look at the clock and realize it’s time to go to sleep? And you’ve only written the title and first paragraph? There are so many reasons and so many distractions in life and in order to have a successful online business you must learn how to be super productive and accomplish goals like a BOSS.  Here are the tips that I’ve found in this last year that have really helped me be more aware of my time and to be more productive.


Do not fall into the social media trap.  I know that being on social media is a good thing for bloggers because that is where you find your readers and subscribers but if you are spending too much time in Facebook groups or on Pinterest that means you’re wasting valuable time where you could be doing tasks to grow your business.

I know this used to happen to me so much until I started keeping track of the time I was spending do each task and I realized this is exactly why I wasn’t getting anything done.


You really need to pick goals that you want to accomplish.  I say yearly goals but even if it’s smaller timeframes make sure you have specific goals.  These goals should be made with the idea in mind that you want to grow your business and ultimately make money.  If a goal isn’t going to move you forward, then it shouldn’t be on your list.


It’s always best to make a plan of action for large projects so you are not missing anything.  Also, once you have all of the steps, you can schedule them in a planner so you know you are going to be able to get everything done is your specific timeframe.

Not only for large projects but even writing action plans for your days and weeks.  You will see what you need to get done because it’s right in front of you.  It holds you accountable and also feels great when you get to cross things off once they’re completed!  Maybe that’s just me because I am a HUGE list maker!!

Being organized is also a part of writing a specific action plan, I believe.  Once you have your action plan then you should definitely break all of your tasks down into individual tasks and schedule them in a planner or on a calendar.  Check out my blog post on blogging organization here!


Although saying I am going to multitask and get these 5 items checked off my to-do list this afternoon sounds really great.  It will not work.  By having yourself spread so thin and to be focused on more than one project you will not be productive.  If you give yourself ample time for each project and complete them one after another you will actually complete them and feel so much better than not getting any of them done because you try to multitask.


I know this is easier said than done for most people but even if you can be behind closed doors for 1 hour, even 30 minutes each day and completely focus on tasks that need to be completed.  That little bit of time if valuable and you will complete more in that time than you will when you have tons of distractions going on around you.  Turn off the tv, turn off social media, turn off your phone and ask your family to give you just one hour!!

I would love to hear what ways you use to be productive!!  I’m always looking for help in this area because, like you, I have many things going on and need to make the most of my time!!  Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear!!