Blogging Support_Positivity GroupNot only is my blog a positive environment filled with support and guidance for #brilliantfemalebloggers but I’ve created The Blogging Connection Facebook Group where we can come together share, support, learn and make friends in an awesome environment!!  I am so excited about this group and I’d love for you to join us!!

What makes this group different from all others?

Before I started blogging, I had so many fears and self-doubts about being able to run a successful blog.  Well I’ve found ways to overcome those fears and get my blog started.

Since then I’ve seen many other females in the same place as I was and so my blog and The Blogging Connection Facebook Group are where you can come to find support and suggestions on overcoming those fears so you can also get started with a successful blogging career!!

So that we can connect on a daily basis, I’ve created this group and in addition you’ll be able to have the support of many other entrepreneurial females for friendship and encouragement.  It’s a win-win place to be!!

Daily Interactions

Because I want you to feel there is always someone you can reach out to for questions and support, I will be posting “Daily Interactions” so you can share, post, comment with a different interaction daily.

Positivity throughout the Week

There are hundreds, if not thousands of reason we all have fears and sometimes doubting whether we can actually do something so throughout the week I share positive quotes along with tips on getting how to work through the fears and self-doubts you might be having.  This is a perfect time for anyone to be asking questions or to be looking for support about blogging and becoming an entrepreneur!

Click the photo to visit my group page in Facebook:

The Blogging Connection

This is an amazing group for support and positivity in your blogging life and any part of your life for that matter.  Come join us!  You’ll have fun, I promise!