slay your goals planner reviewHave you heard before that in order to be a successful blogger you need to be organized and plan, plan, plan?

Well it’s absolutely true!!

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You need to have a clear vision of where you want to go in your business (and life) so that you know what tasks and goals need to be accomplished. You need to know what you working towards in order to achieve your goals. Without having a plan, what are you working towards? Makes sense, right?

Check out the Slay Your Goals Planner

Well I’m here to let you know that I’ve found a detailed planner that will help you Slay Your Goals. Why do I say that? Well because this planner is named the Slay Your Goals Planner and let me tell you, that is the perfect name for it!

It includes 60+ pages and breaks down every detail that you can think about (and probably have not thought about) so you can keep everything with your business (and life) on track.

It helps you set specific goals and analyze those goals.  Along with that, it allows you to do a little daydreaming as you look into the future.  You make future goals by looking at where you see yourself in the next year.  And that was just a short list of all it includes because there is much, much more!


I’m a huge quote girl and I love the fact that there are quotes throughout the planner that give you the extra incentive to keep moving forward. It’s awesome!

Have you heard of S.M.A.R.T goals?

Smart goals have been around for quite some time and that’s because they are really effective. A man named George T. Duran, a consultant and former Director of Corporate Planning for Washington Water Power Company published a paper titled “There’s a S.M.A.R.T Way to Write Management’s Goals and Objectives in November 1981.

In this paper, Doran provides clarification on how to apply SMART acronym. It’s pretty interesting. Who would’ve thought it would still be used today?

Anyway, back to The Slay Your Goals Planner, because Nadalie, from It’s All You Boo, knows the SMART Goals actually work so she included a detailed section in her Planner that will help you set and slay them.

To-Do Lists

I’m also a huge list maker because I get some sort of satisfaction of crossing off the things that I accomplish!  This planner is great because it includes a section called Crush Your To-Do’s. It’s really detailed and works well buy breaking to-do’s down into the weeks, priorities and urgency.

I was a little overwhelmed when I saw 60+ pages in this planner!  I realized how important each step was as I started working my way through the planner.  In the end, it all works together to make an effective planner that is worth the purchase!