HOW TO CHOOSE COLORS FOR YOUR WEBSITEChoosing colors for your website could be a more involved task than you may think.  I’m sure you know that colors all have a multiple meanings and different meanings to different people which is why some people are very careful when choosing colors for their websites.


You should stick with having 3-4 colors on your website.

Dominant – These colors bring out certain feelings or emotions when someone visits your website.  You want this color to be the one people remember when they’re thinking of you.

Accent colors (1 or 2) – These colors highlight important parts of your website such as buttons, links and important boxes.

Background – You want to choose a background color based on the purpose of your website.  Kind of like you’re choosing a color to paint the walls in your house.


Have you ever noticed that big brands all have one dominant brand color?  Well this is no mistake!  The colors that they use are for a specific purpose.

Let’s take a look at a few:


We all know Target.  Red means powerful and also means love.


American Express uses blue because it conveys a sense of trust and loyalty.  Makes sense, right?


So many people love Amazon, including myself!!  (By the way, Amazon Prime lover right here!)  So, they use black and yellow (Now the black and yellow song by Wiz Khalifa keeps replaying in my head!).

Black conveys strength, authority, power and elegance.  Yellow conveys joy and happiness.  Well I completely understand why they’re using these colors.


As mentioned in the Amazon logo, black conveys strength, authority, power and elegance.  Spot on perfect for Chanel’s brand!


So as you see from the big brands and examples I gave you above, it’s best to really know who your target audience is so you can use the proper colors to help attract them to your brand, to your website.

Would you be interested in going to a cooking/recipe website where the dominant brand color is purple?  So, to me, I would say heck no!  The first thing I would associate purple with and food would be some moldy food and all the weird colors you get.  Gross!!  Ok so maybe that’s just me that would think that!  Haha!

Or what about a website for kids where your dominant brand color is black?  Again, that would probably scare a child away or actually make a parent double and triple think about letting their child visit there with such a dreary color for a child’s website.

Here is a list of colors and the words that they convey so these can help you when deciding on your brand colors:

Passion, love, seduction, power.  Also violence and danger as well
Happiness, optimism, enlightenment, creativity
Also sometimes caution (think of the sign!)
Trust, loyalty, cleanliness, strength, dependability.
Also in some instances it can be associated with depression.
Money, finances , growth, fertility, nature, freshness.
Also can convey greed and jealousy.
Magic, mystery, spirituality, creativity, royalty, luxury, bravery.
Energy, vitality, cheer, excitement, warmth, enthusiasm and determination.
Sweet, romantic, charming, feminine, tenderness.
Also can convey babies and child-like.
Refreshing, feminine, calming, sophisticated, wisdom, serenity, wholeness and good luck.
Luxury, elegance, strength, authority, power.
Also could convey darkness and death.
Stability, simplicity, friendliness, dependability and health.
Courage, passion, wisdom, wealth, grandeur, sparkle and glamour.
Sleek, modern, high tech, glamourous, graceful, sophisticated and elegant.

(We’re going to pretend the word “white” is actually white but if I did that it would be invisible!)
Light, goodness, purity, safety, cleanliness.

Color matching and color theory actually is not a gift that a lot of people have so luckily there are some free tools that can help:

  • Canva Color Wiki – My new favorite color tool that I’ve just been introduced to is from Canva.  I use Canva all the time to create & edit all of my images for my blog but didn’t know about the color tool until I was contacted by them because they saw this post so naturally I had to check it out.  If you haven’t tried it, please do because it’s amazing!!  You can learn more about individual colors, create color palettes and so much more!!
  •  Adobe Color Tool – You can use your dominant color and then it will give you accent colors or you can use a photo to build your color scheme.

So when choosing colors for your website don’t just choose based on your favorite color.  Be sure to research first because you want to convey the correct message with your colors along with your content.  You want to choose colors that you’re going to stick with for a long time because you want people to get to know you and your brand!

I really love everything branding so let me know what other branding questions you have in a comment.  I’d love to hear!!  Oh and if you’re not quite ready to decide on colors but need help starting your blog, check this out!