CREATE AN EPIC IN-HOME PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO THAT DOESN'T COST $1000'SAre you like me and love taking photos for your blog but want to have all of the fancy equipment and not take pictures with your Smart Phone? (My phone does take really nice pictures, though!).  Anyway, I started researching equipment and decided to build my tiny studio in my spare bedroom since that room doesn’t really get used all that often.  Now, of course, you’re going to have to spend some money because you are buying photography equipment but you do not need to spend thousands of dollars!!

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I already had my camera that I had purchased a few years ago and I really like it.  Here is the newer version of my Canon Rebel T5 Digital DSLR:
I take quite a few photos at once so I use a SanDisk Memory Card.  You can save 1000’s of photos on this and videos as well.
Whenever you read any blog posts about taking blog photos, they will tell you to use natural lighting and I completely agree that is the best lighting to use, however, it’s definitely not the most convenient lighting because it obviously limits you to the times you can take photos.  Well that didn’t work for me so I started researching artificial lighting that I could use to take great photos and also that didn’t break my budget and here is what I found.  I really like my lighting and it works really well and I can take photos at any time.  If it’s not sunny out, at night or when it’s cloudy and rainy!!  It’s a win-win for me!!
When I do my own photoshoots (AKA: self portraits) for my blog, I use a remote shutter release.  This is so great because you don’t have to continuously set the self timer.  It works so well.


When you’re taking your self portraits you’re going to need a tripod for your camera.  Here is the one I use!

Everything here is what I use each time I take photos and all together works really well for me!

sincerelyerinxoxo photo

I’d love to hear what great equipment you use for your photography so leave me a comment!!  Or let me know if you have any questions!

Have fun taking photos!!