Crop 1 Photo 5 Ways

How do get various uses out of one photo?  When you’re using a stock photo with several elements or props in the photo the best way is just to crop a portion of the photo so it looks different that way your photo won’t look the same as 200 other photos on Pinterest because you all chose the same stock photo!

The easiest way to do that is use the “crop” tool on the editing tool you are using.  By the way, I use Canva and I love it!!  It’s so easy to use and you can do so much with it!!  Well cropping is your friend and by cropping various ways you can get several uses out of just one photo.

I understand that buying styled stock photos all the time can get expensive and having your own created for you is even more expensive so that is why I sell my photos in Collections where you can buy the Collection of Branded Photos and using this cropping technique you will get approximately 40-50 photos from one Collection!

I know the feeling because I was there and know this is about all I could afford which is why I’m bringing my affordable Collections to you with the option of various cropping for even more versatility.

Photo One is cropped at the top catching just the edges of the props to give negative space in the middle for text.

Crop 1 photo 5 ways

Photo Two is cropping the bottom to get the notebook prop so you can actually use the negative space for the text or you could use this photo as a mock up and put your text on the front of the notebook.

Cropping 1 photo 5 ways

Photo Three is using the props on the top right side and leaving the negative space for text on the left side.

Crop 1 photo 5 ways

Photo Four is cropping the center bottom so again picking up the edges of the props like Photo One but this is using the bottom instead of the top.

Crop 1 photo 5 ways

Photo Five is a little different because the entire photo is rotated clockwise and is give it a different look and then it is cropped at the bottom with the negative space at the top.

Crop 1 photo 5 ways

This gives many different options to make various different photos and I’d love to hear how you get the most out of your stock photos.  Please comment below with your cropping tips!

Look for a future tutorial post where I’ll be showing you how to create different using various filters and overlays using Canva.

I’d love to see some of your best image edits.  Show me what you’re proud of; I’d love to hear from you!!





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