HOW TO DESIGN A 404 ERROR PAGE THAT WON'T FRUSTRATE PEOPLESo you’re surfing the Internet and you find a blog post from a new blogger that you haven’t heard of before and the title to the post really catches your attention and you “click” to read and you get that awful, dreaded 404 Error Page that says “404 Error Code.  Page or Directory Not Found.”

Hopefully no one ever sees this on your website but just in case, you want to design a 404 error page that won’t frustrate people!!

What exactly is a 404 error code?

It’s an HTTP error message that means the web page you are looking for cannot be found on the server.  It’s either the page was removed or moved and the URL wasn’t changed accordingly.  It also could be because the person just typed in the URL incorrectly.

So instead of just giving them that dreaded 404 error code, try to make the best out a bad situation and give the reader something.

What do I mean by that?  I’ve seen lots of pages that don’t give you any options so the person either has to go up to the URL and adjust it so they go to another page, probably the home page, or they just exit and leave altogether because they are mad they received the error in the first place.

Give them some options:

  • Maybe a few links they can click on, such as, Home Page, Blog or Contact Page.
  • Oh and hey if you have a Facebook Group, leave a link and ask them to come check out your group.
  • Leave a place to send you a message to let you know where they got the broken link.

There are so many options rather than just giving them the standard 404 Error Message so get creative, do something fun and unique.

Speaking of fun and unique, here are some of the examples:


Hubspot 404 Error Page


MailChimp 404 Error Page


AirBnB 404 Error Page


Southwest Trains 404 Error Page

So if you give people some options, any options especially something creative and unique you will definitely soften the blow and not have this reader be frustrated because they got your 404 error page.

Do you have your 404 error page set up?  What does your say?  I’d love to hear so leave me a message!