List of Epic Tools_Resources to Grow Your BlogThere are soooo many resources to help grow your blog & online business these days and I wish I could’ve found a list of resources to grow my blog & online business when I first started.  I get asked quite a lot what I use for specific tasks so I’ve decided to create one long list of the tools and resources I’ve previously used or still currently use.  I hope you find it helpful!!

**All listed are tools and resources that I currently use or have previously used.  Some include affiliate links and that is because I really love them and would only recommend items that work for me!!  You can read my disclaimer policy here.

Building Your Blog

If you’re going to start a blog to grow into a business then I strongly suggest starting out with (not and Squarespace.  I use but I hear that Squarespace is easier to learn and less of a learning curve than  My girl Allison, over at Wonderlass, uses Squarespace and loves it and, of course, we all know that her blog is amazing.


There are hundreds of companies that offer hosting for your website and/or blog.  And there are slight differences and packages with them but I feel it’s all a matter of opinion on which one is the best.  I’m not going to tell you which one is the best and you just have to go with that one.  All I’m going to tell you is you will need one if you decide to go with and that one that I use is HostGator and they have pretty amazing packages and prices.  Click below to visit their website:

Domain Purchase

Most likely, the cost of your domain will be included with your web hosting but if you’d like to purchase the domain name first, I would suggest purchasing it from GoDaddy.  Very affordable and easy process to complete.

Theme & Landing Page Templates

So I cannot stress enough how much I love my theme through BluChic.  They have other themes and very good customer service, tutorials and affiliate programs.  I love BluChic so much.  If you are looking for feminine and easy to use themes, check them out!!

They also have Landing Page Templates that are a one time fee instead of a monthly fee, like most landing pages that you can buy.  They customizable and easy to use, edit and update for your self hosted website through WordPress. org.  You also get multiple templates for one price.  It’s so worth it.  Check out my blog post for more detailed information.

Email Marketing

Convertkit is my number one choice for an email provider.  When I started blogging, I used MailChimp at first but for some reason, I just didn’t like it.  That’s just me and I know many people like it and it’s the most affordable choice for new bloggers because I’m fairly certain it’s free for up to 2000 subscribers.  There is a fee for Convertkit but it’s so easy to use and I’ve had no problems with it so I do not mind paying the monthly fee.  Their support for Convertkit is great also!  They have a really amazing Facebook Group where you can always find answers to any questions you have along with great tutorials on their website!

Starting Your Blog

If you are looking for a tutorial on building your blog, please see my blog post, Everything You Need to Start Your Blog Today.  It’s explains everything and gives detailed steps and if you follow from beginning to end, you’ll have a blog built by the end!  I really wish I had something like this when I was starting my blog.



Canva is my go-to for creating blog post photos, social media graphics, social media headers and much, much more.  And it’s FREE!!!!

List of Epic Resouces

Creative Market

Graphics, Themes, Fonts, Photos, Templates and Logo’s and so much more.   I love, love, love Creative Market so much and I could spend HOURS looking at everything.  I’ve gotten so many things from there.  This theme, the Font that I use for my Blog Title at the top of all pages and so many other great things.  Be aware, it’s very, very addictive!!

Canva Color Wiki

Canva Color is a tool that is fairly new to me where you can create color palettes and learn so much about colors.  It’s an amazing tool from Canva but I would expect no less!  If you haven’t heard of it, I encourage you to go check it out!!

Adobe Color

I also sometimes use Adobe Color to create beautiful color palettes.  I like it because you can upload a photo and it will pull all of the colors out of the photo and give you a palette.  That is exactly how I came up with the colors for my blog.  I found a photo that I absolutely loved and it gave me the exact hex codes that I needed.

If you’d like to read more about selecting colors for your website and the meaning of colors please check out my post!!

Styled Stock Photos

Well there are MANY places that you can get stock photos.  Just be sure that they do not have a copyright and you are able to use them as you wish.  You do not want to get a copyright infringement for using photos that aren’t your to use.  If you’d like some awesome free stock photos feel free to sign up below and you’ll get the free photos in your email.

Google Docs

So I don’t have Microsoft Office on my computer.  I use Google Drive for my docs, spreadsheet and even create some of my freebies using docs.  Since it’s online, you can start on one computer and move to another computer and everything is there.  Also, it automatically saves which I love!!

I actually use it to create my blog posts and then transfer them to WordPress when I’m ready.  It works out great for me!

Social Media Marketing & Automation

To save me time in posting to social media, I use Hootsuite and LOVE IT!!  I only use the free version and with that you can set up 3 different accounts.  If you’d like more, you have to upgrade to a paid version.  It’s pretty amazing and I use the app on my phone a lot for it which works great!!

For automating Pinterest I use Boardbooster and it’s just as amazing as Hootsuite!!  It saves so much time and headache, I really don’t know how I was able to not have it!!  It’s only $5 per month for 500 pins and it’s the freaking best $5 I’ve ever spent.  SERIOUSLY!!  If you’re interested in learning how to set up Boardbooster, check out my blog post here, How to Use Boardbooster to Dominate Pinterest.

PDF’s and Printables

As I mentioned earlier, I use Google Docs to create my printables and you can save them as PDF’s with it and it’s great because it’s completely freeee!!

If you want to make your PDF’s so they can be filled out online instead of printing them out to fill them out, I use PDFescape.  It’s simple to use and I use the free version!

Online Courses & Ebooks

I’ve recently used Teachable to create my first online course and it’s so easy to understand and it’s been a pleasant experience.  They have a free version to start which is greater for beginners.

To check out my Pinterest Influence course click here!

If you’re interested in selling digital products and being able to earn a passive income, I urge you to check out SendOwl.  They make it so incredibly easy to upload products and sell.

Let me know of any epic tools and resources you’re using, I’d love to check them out!!!