How To Use Boardbooster to dominate PinterestBoardbooster is the best tool since sliced bread!!  It’s probably the best tool I’ve found since I started blogging.  It’s so easy to use, a HUGE time saver and has increased my following so how can I not love it??!  Now I know you want to know all the details and because I want you to reap the same rewards, I’m going to tell you how to use Boardbooster to dominate Pinterest!!

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So before I tell you about all of the awesome features of Boardbooster, let me start by telling you how to get your own account.  One of the best things is they offer a FREE TRIAL of your first 100 pin for free.  You can use the link below to sign up:

Boardbooster FREE Trial Sign Up

Once you get to the Boardbooster website, you’ll see a big green button that says “sign up for free trial” and that’s where you get started to falling in love with Boardbooster!!

Boardbooster Sign Up For Free Trial

It will take you to the Create Boardbooster Account page where you enter your information:  Name, Email, Pinterest Name, Time Zone.  They make it super simple!!

I started out with the trial plan but quickly realized I couldn’t live without it and upgraded to the 500 per month for $5.  Now I am considering changing again to 1000 per month for $10.  The prices are very affordable especially when you see how it does help in generating traffic and follows.

So when your free trial runs out you can choose the monthly plan that’s right for you.  I believe most people start with the $5 plan until they get the feel for it and I’ll be showing you how to use it here real soon.  Then once you’ve got the feel for it, if you decide you need more pins, it’s really simple to upgrade.  You just go to the Account page:



The looping feature re-pins your oldest pins to the same board they’re already on.  Then, magically after a few days it goes back in and deletes whichever of those 2 pins has less engagement.  Why you ask?  Because then your boards won’t be a cluttered mess with tons of duplicates.

Now the reasons that this is so magical is because the looping feature makes it seems like you’re on Pinterest when you’re not.  See magic!!  It’s great for mastering Pinterst’s algorithm.

Also, you know those old pins that are buried deep at the bottom of your boards?  It gives them a chance to be seen again and again and other chances to hopefully go viral!!


On the homepage, click “Pinning Tools” showing in the right corner on the menu then select “Looping” from the drop down menu.

Boardbooster Looping

Next, click the “Add Boards” button on the top right and then select all the boards you want to add for this feature.

You can loop to Group Boards that you have created but you can’t loop in Group Boards where you are just a Collaborator or Contributor.

TIP:  I suggest not looping boards with less than 50-75 pins because it will make you look very “spammy” and you don’t want that!

So once you’ve selected your boards it might take a minute to update (Pssst I hear the Jeopardy song playing in my head right now!  And now you do also, right?  Haha).  Once they’re done loading, you get to update your looping settings and you can change them whenever you’d like; this is not a one time thing.


  • With looping you can figure out your best time to pin.  I’m so obsessed!!  Set your time intervals for the entire day so 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM.  Then once you have Boardbooster in place for a while giving it enough time to come up with stats by analyzing your Pinterest account, you can check the “Best Time To Pin” report and adjust your time setting in your looping to show the most popular times.
  • For the de-duplication setting, I suggest setting it to about 3-4 days because you don’t want duplicates to be showing in your boards for very long.
  • I loop only 1-2% of my pins because again I don’t want to be “spammy.”  So if I have a board that has 500 pins then I would loop 5-10 pins per day.
  • So the looping is amazing for your old content but I know you’re asking what about your new content, right?  That’s where Campaigns come in!

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Using Campaigns you can share your new, original content to group boards and this is GOLDEN!!  As I’m sure many of you know Group Boards generate so much traffic to websites so being able to set up a campaign to do the work for you so you can focus on creating more new, original content.   How can you not be ready to get started?!!

There are two types of Campaigns that can help you:


Random_Scheduled Campaigns on Boardbooster


This campaign creates a secret board on your Pinterest account and any pins added to that will be re-pinned to other boards according to the settings you apply in Boardbooster.


This campaign pulls pins from a particular board, at various times throughout the day, and re-pins them to other boards you’ve selected in the Settings.


Scheduled campaigns add your newest blog posts to group boards without spamming them and cluttering up any feed.  Random campaigns are continuously sharing your posts to group boards giving them lots of exposure.  And the best part, you don’t have to do it manually once it’s set up for the first time.  So it’s saving you time to write that new, terrific content!!!


On Boardbooster homepage click “Pinning Tools” in the top right and then choose “Campaigns” from the drop down box.

Campaigns on Boardbooster
Click “New Campaign” and then which campaign you’d like to set up, meaning Scheduled or Random.  Oh and you can create more than just one at a time.


  1. Name your campaign.  This will be the name of the Secret Board that is created.
  2. Click “Add Re-pin” and select each board that you want these pins to be re-pinned onto.  Do these one at a time, you can’t complete this in bulk.
  3. Choose the day and time settings when you would like them re-pinned.  Space out the times throughout the day.
  4. Click save.

Now whenever you have new content all you have to do is add it to this “Secret Board” and it will be re-pinned in rotation at the times you’ve saved in your settings for this campaign.  How freaking awesome is that??  Are you ready to sign up yet?


  1. You can to name your Campaign and since this is random, I would choose a name that explains what the campaign is so you’re not guessing once you have multiple campaigns going on.  (EX:  My Blog Posts to Group Boards)
  2. Choose the board where the pins are going to be pinned from which is called the “Source Board.” (I used this as a Board with only pins from my blog).
  3. Choose the board where the pins are going to be pinned to which is called the “Target Board.”  (Here is where I chose multiple Group Boards).
  4. In the settings you’ll want to set your time spans.
  5. Click Save.

Ok so now are you ready to join Boardbooster??


When updating the setting per Group Board of how many times your pins will be shared per day, you’ll want to keep in mind the rules of the Group Boards because some of them have limits on how many pins you’re allowed to add per day.  So if it’s 3 you don’t want your settings to be higher than 3 for that specific board.


The Pin Doctor helps clean up pins in your boards in minutes.  If you try to do this manually it can take days or weeks depending on how many pins you have.  It also helps to rank higher in Pinterest’s algorithms.  This means the content you have pinned will show more in the smart feed.  This leads to more followers and engagement and that’s what we’re all trying to achieve!!

There is a fee for this service which is 1 cent per pin which isn’t a lot considering the time it’s going to save you if you have lots of pins to go through.


Pin Doctor Boardbooster

  1. On the home page click “Maintenance Tools” in the top right and select “Pin Doctor” in the drop down.
  2. Choose which boards you want the Pin Doctor to run on.
  3. Click “Hire Pin Doctor” and the little fairies in Boardbooster will begin working their magic.

It might take some time depending on how many pins you have to go through.  You don’t have to sit and wait because Boardbooster will send you an email when the results are ready and you can just log back into Boardbooster to see the results and delete the pins if you choose.



With duplicate pins I suggest deleting the one that has less engagement.

You can delete multiple pins at the same time by clicking the box next to each pin and the “Delete” at the top of the page.  It will delete them over the next few hours.


Now I know there are other similar tools out there but I find that this one is easy to use and it’s affordable not to mention the functions that it has are awesome!!  I’m definitely a big fan so if you’d like to try it here is the link one last time!!

Sign up below to get my Pinterest Tracking Tool.  Keep track of followers, following, pins and page views so you can see how much your traffic is growing.  How exciting is that??