infuse your personality into emailsSo if you’re anything like me you get TONS of emails daily from email lists that you’ve signed up for, right?

There are some that you immediately open and read because you’re super excited to see what that person has to say…

Then there are many others you just pass by and they never even get opened.

You definitely don’t want your emails to be those who get passed by and never get opened, right?


So I know that you have kickass content and along with that there are also several things that you can CIY and make your emails stand out.  Ways that you can show your personality and make people think that they look amazing so they’ll read because they know the content is going to be just as amazing!

Oh now I know I need to back up for just a second because you’re still stuck on CIY, right?  Well it’s a term that I’m sure is out there somewhere in this huge online world but I haven’t seen it so I’m using for all of my projects!!

Because we’re here to create awesomeness, we’re calling it CIY or Create It Yourself instead of just DIY it!!  Ok so let’s get back on track because this is super exciting stuff!


So I am all about using your own photography but I sort of have a love for photography and I know not everyone does.

I do want to start by telling you that you do not need any fancy, expensive equipment to take amazing blog photos.  If you have a smart phone from the last few years, you can definitely take amazing photos with it because they’ve got really great cameras.  Yes, it’s true!!

Here are some helpful tips to use when taking photos:

  • When taking photos always beware of your backgrounds. I’ve seen so many photos where people are only paying attention to the main subject and not looking at the background and that makes a HUGE difference.
  • For blog photos, I believe that less is more. You don’t want to have a cluttered photo so it’s always best to be minimal in what you are using in the photo and just make sure it’s styled in a pleasing way. Experiment and take multiple photos moving objects around.
  • Using natural light will work wonders!! Artificial light is not the best for photos so if you’re taking photos inside, try to take them near a window and again experiment to find the best angle.
  • Edit your photos. If you have a good photo that’s slightly dark, use a free editor because that can make a huge difference. Also, use your crop tool, if needed, to remove unnecessary stuff that’s along the edges.
  • Use a clean background. I use poster board or poster paper from my local craft store and it’s super cheap and looks great!!
  • On Samsung phones the cameras have the regular “auto” mode but if you swipe right when the camera is open it’s will show you a bunch of other modes and “pro” is one of them. That’s what I always use when taking blog photos with my phone because, to me, they turn out so much better. (This is one of my photos below!).  I’m not really familiar with IPhones but I’m sure they have something similar as well and if not, just using the Auto mode will work perfectly!

sincerely erin xoxo photo


It’s really important to create a catchy subject line that will grab your reader’s attention.  You want people to read your email since you put so much time & effort into crafting your emails so your subject line should be catchy and awesome!

Here are a few ideas to help you create your catchy subject line!!

  • Ask a question
  • Include a deadline
  • Try a teaser
  • Give a command
  • Add a list (EX:  7 tips to gain 1000 Pinterest Followers QUICK!)
  • Make an announcement
  • Use the word “FREE”

So put some time & effort into creating your subject lines for every email you send.

If you’d like to read more on this, check out my guest post I did for Dani over at Flourishing Freelancer.  Be sure to check out her great posts while you’re there too!!

Remember this is what everyone will be reading and will make them decide if they’re intrigued enough to open and keep reading or just pass it by!  And if you’re like me, you want everyone to open it!


How many times do you get an email that is all just a bunch of black text with nothing else and it just turns you off?  This is one thing that will make me click right back out of an email and not even read it.

Chances are if you have only large paragraphs with nothing to break them up, people will move on so add some titles to break things up a little bit, make them easier to read.

Normally people scan an email and if they’re seeing bold titles that will catch their eye and let them know what is included in that paragraph or part of the email, that will give them what they need to decide to keep reading or not.


You’ve got to be you because being who you think people want to see is not going to work.  Trust me, they’ll see right through it!

Write down words or phrases that you use all the time when you talk and infuse them into your emails.

Once you’ve written your email, read it out loud… does it sound like you’re talking to your BFF?  If not, it needs updated!

Or once you’ve written something, have your BFF read it and tell you if it sounds like you or not.

Why does it even matter?  Well here’s the thing, if you are acting completely different than you do in person from what you’re portraying in your emails it won’t sound genuine and also what happens if you meet someone in person at some point?  If could happen and you if you sound different people are NOT going to be impressed!

Also, if you decide to do webinars at some point people will hear you and you want your writing to match your actual personality when talking.  Don’t try to act like who you want to be or who you think people want to hear, just be you!

If you’re looking for your voice, check out my post where you can download a free worksheet to help you!


What is a CTA or Call to Action?  This is the final instruction to your reader letting them know what to do next.  So basically it’s telling them to “Click Here” to read or purchase.

Along with the subject line, you can also get creative with your CTA’s and make them fun.  Make them something that will entice people to click on thru to your website!

Experiment and see what works best with your readers because not every audience will be the same.

I would love to hear what you do to make your emails unique and infuse your personality.  Please leave a comment below!!

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