HOW PLANNING AND GOAL SETTING MAKE A SUCCESSFUL BLOGSetting goals is such an important part of blogging.  If you don’t set goals you’re basically working towards nothing or you’re so scattered because you’re trying to complete too many projects and never really getting anything accomplished.

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It’s kind of like a hamster on his little exercise wheel where he’s not really going anywhere just spinning around on the wheel.

Sound familiar?  If it does then I encourage you to keep reading!!

Let’s face it, we can only accomplish so much in one day because there are only 24 hours in a day!  Many of us have FT jobs, have a family, take care of a house… have tons of responsibilities and then we try to fit in where we’re going to work on our blogs.  Am I right?

Even though it sounds like soooo much work, setting goals for yourself, your blog and your business are the best and most efficient ways to keep yourself on track.

What do traveling and goal setting have in common?

Think of it this way, if you’re getting ready to travel and have no idea where you’re going you look at directions or plug your destination address into your GPS so you’re pointed in the right direction, right?   If you don’t look at directions, you’d be absolutely lost not knowing which way to go.

So setting goals are your direction to getting where you want to be!  Not setting goals is basically the same thing as not plugging your destination address into your GPS.  You’ll be all over the place and trying to get too many things accomplished so you’ll never get to where you want to be in the end.

Suggestions to take into consideration:

  • To be most effective goals should be set yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily to keep us on the right track.  You’d definitely want to start with your yearly goals first!
  • Most people will naturally want to start their year on Jan 1st so if you’re reading this post in June then just figure out your goals for the remainder of the year so you can get them accomplished and start a new, complete year in January.
  • You definitely want to set attainable goals.  You don’t want to set so many that you will never accomplish them and if you’re anything like me, then you’ll feel like a failure.  So don’t set yourself up to fail.  Also, don’t make so many goals that you don’t have time to enjoy other things and just have time to breathe!!  Being overwhelmed is the worst and doesn’t help when trying to get tasks accomplished!

Time to “Declutter Your Mind”

Your first step of this process is where you’re going to do a Declutter Your Mind exercise!!  Sounds sort of funny, doesn’t it?

Well decluttering your mind is simply when you sit down either with pen and paper or in front of your computer and write/type everything that is on your mind regarding your business, what you want to accomplish… your goals!

Don’t worry how big or small it may seem, write it down!  Ideas, things you’ve seen that you liked from someone else, all of those thoughts racing around in your head.  If you’re anything like me, there are many things and this exercise might take a few hours or maybe even over a few days.  Write some down, walk away and go back later.

What’s important, what’s not?

Once you’ve completed your declutter your mind exercise, you need to go back through and revisit each item you wrote.  You will need to determine if it’s important enough to add to your yearly goals list.

Here is a list of questions to ask yourself for each item on your “declutter your mind” list which will help you make a determination if it should stay or go from the final goals list.  If you answer no to any of the questions then that item should be removed from your goal list.

  1. Is it in line with the mission of my business?
  2. Do I have the resources to get it done now or will it require lots of time/money?
  3. Will this benefit me while I’m working on other stuff? (Passive income, email list growth, etc)
  4. Can I get completed quickly?
  5. Will this benefit my readers?
  6. How much of an impact can this make in terms of revenue and/or growth?
  7. What personal growth will this require on my end? Will this make me step out of my comfort zone and grow?

Goals and Projects

Once you get done going through everything on your list and each question above, you will then have your final list of goals and projects for the upcoming year.

Now remember you don’t want to overload yourself so if you have a large number of major projects listed then you want to go back through them again and pair them down by asking yourself the questions above.

Depending on the size of the project, you should only have 2-3 major projects per quarter so keep that in mind when you’re paring down your list.

Next, you want to figure out what order your goals and projects are going to go in.  How do I do this?  Use post it notes!

To-Do Lists

Now the next thing I always do is take each project and write down each and every item that will need to be completed for it.  Seriously, everything!!

Once you have your lists created then you can move forward!


Now everyone has different schedules and accomplishes items at a different pace so when scheduling your items in your planner, you have to give yourself enough time to get everything accomplished and also give yourself additional time for things that might come up.

It’s better to give yourself more time than needed than not enough.  You can always accomplish tasks ahead of schedule which will give you a self confidence boost but if you’re not giving yourself enough time then there’s a chance that you’ll get discouraged and we don’t want that!

I really like Asana and/or Google Calendar for online planners to keep things organized and “on the books” so-to speak.  They’re both free and fairly easy to use.

Here are a few tangible planners if you’re a pen to paper kind of gal!!

Goal Setting Workbook

There are several steps to setting your goals for an upcoming year or even the next quarter so if you are overwhelmed, this 9 page workbook will help you take the necessary steps in the correct order so you’re not completely overwhelmed and going crazy.  You can sign up below and you’ll receive the workbook in your inbox after confirming your email!!

goal setting workbook