Not Knowing Your Ideal Customer will Make Your Blog FailDo you know who your ideal customer is?  Your Dream Customer?  If you do, that’s fantastic and I’m so happy for you!  Now if you don’t and you don’t really think it’s important, then I’m here to tell you, not knowing your ideal customer will make your blog fail!!  That is absolutely no exaggeration!


You’ll know who to write to!

Once you know your ideal customer, you will then know who to write your blog posts to and for.  If you’re just writing to write because you want to please everyone, it will never work.  People might visit your blog and they’ll be confused because they won’t know if you are writing for them or not.  They won’t know who you are writing for!  Now if you are writing to a specific audience and branding your entire blog for that specific audience then you’ll have much more traffic than writing for everyone.

You’ll know where to share your blog posts

If you are writing for everyone where are you going to share your blog posts?  Everywhere hoping someone will read?  You can but I guarantee you won’t be successful.  If you know who your ideal customer is and you know where they “hang out” then you’ll have exactly where you should share your blog posts!

You’ll also know what your ideal customer is searching for

Because you now know who they are, where they hang out you can hang out with them and find out what their questions are, what they are having problems with and then figure out how YOU can help them!!  (Ahhhh yes, that’s it!!)  WOW, yes, it is really that easy!!

believe in yourself

How do you figure out who your ideal customer is?

Let’s say you can figure this out by answering questions about your ideal customer and creating a dream customer avatar.  Then whenever you are writing anything for your blog, social media, emails…  anything, you will have your customer avatar in front of you and as long as you are writing to that dream customer!!

Need help creating your dream customer avatar?  Get the worksheet here!!

Build Your Dream Customer Avatar