HOW TO SELL DIGITAL PRODUCTS THE EASY WAYIf you’re a blogger who wants a way to make money, have you considered selling digital products?  Any type of blog can sell digital products and make money.  You might need to think outside the box but it can be done.

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Are you a creative blogger?  Maybe a quilter or maybe you crochet.  You could create an ebook with step-by-step instructions or how to’s or create a video showing people how to make a quilt step-by-step.

Are you a food blogger?  You could create an ebook that is a cookbook and sell it online.  Or maybe a membership where people receive weekly recipes and shopping lists along with step-by-step videos.  You can create digital products for any blog!!

How can you sell?  What can you sell? (Sorry I just get so excited because this is so freaking awesome!!)

  • Products
  • Memberships
  • Subscriptions
  • Drip functionality
  • Even services!

Now you’re thinking it probably takes lots of work to set up and sell these digital products on your blog, website or social media?  No, that is absolutely not true.  It’s so simple to sell digital products from your website.  You do not need to set up a shopping cart and have tons of coding done to get this accomplished.  All it takes is signing up for SendOwl and they take care of everything for you!!

sendowl photoWith SendOwl you can sell directly to your customers from your website and get paid directly by them.  And it only takes seconds to create your products!!  SendOwl takes care of your payment gateway, checkout and the automated digital delivery!!

SendOwl also has many available gateways and integrations that make it amazing!!

SendOwl Gateway and integration imageOh and did I mention you get a 30 day free trial?  Yes, yes you really do!!  Check it out right here!!

Here are some of the amazing benefits of using SendOwl:

  • Instant payment – they don’t hold your money. It is sent direct to your PayPal/Stripe account.
  • Monthly fixed payment –they don’t penalize you for success, so if you start making lots of money then rest assured they won’t be on your doorstep demanding a % cut.
  • Shopping cart – they make it easy for you to sell lots of products using a shopping cart.
  • Software licenses – they issue software licenses at the point of sale so you don’t need a separate license software.
  • Great support – you won’t find a long ticket queue, just real people answering emails in easy to understand language.
  • They’re independent – meaning that they’re not just trying to make money for investors and they won’t sell you out down the line
  • They’re innovative – they continually look for ways to help you sell more, like upsells, on-site checkout, and affiliates

So go on, go ahead and check them out!!  You know you want to!!  Click right here!!