THE KEY TO BLOGGING ORGANIZATION12/5/17:  Updated with 2018 Blogging Organization and Tracking Tool which replaced the 2017 version.

The first month or so of getting ready to blog and getting my blog up and running, I felt so completely unorganized because there is so much to remember.

Blog post ideas, social media platforms, emails, email automation, email marketing, creating photos, so many user names and passwords, monthly expenses, affiliate opportunity information, photography, SEO, Website security, Parent themes, child themes, hosting, logos… I think you get the point!!

If I can do this and make it successful, then anyone can do it.

Because of this I have created this Blogging Organization Tool which is my key to staying organized by keeping all important information in one place.

This Printable will help keep you organized because you can use the calendar for your Appointments and an Editorial Calendar.

I now have SO MANY user names and passwords that there is no way I can remember so I’ve created a tracker to keep them all in one safe place.

There are To-do lists for daily, weekly and monthly.  There is no way that you can remember everything that needs done because there are so many tasks with running a blog so writing them down is the best way, for me!

A Blog Post Idea page and Blogging Expenses so I don’t forget when they’ll be taken out of my account or when they need paid.

Also and Income Generating Ideas Page and lastly a My Affiliates page so you can keep track of where you’re income is coming from at any point and time.

blogging organization and tracking toolEnter your email in the form below and you’ll be provided with the organization printables.

I hope that you enjoy this printable as much as I do and enjoyed creating it.

What other organizational tools would make your blogging life easier?  I’d love to hear your ideas!