How to use keywords on Pinterest to skyrocket followers on PinterestHow many times do you read blog posts on Pinterest saying “my followers grew from 500 to 12K in 6 months” or “I get 90% of my blog traffic from Pinterest” or “I made 10K on my first e-course because of traffic from Pinterest” and wonder if these people are really telling the truth?  Or wondering how the hell they do this?

Let me ask you this, how many times do you bypass a search engine, like Google and go directly to Pinterest to search for something?  I do it all the time and I’m sure you do as well.

When you are searching for something in Pinterest, Google or any other search engine you’re just typing in important keywords, right?  I see you shaking your head up and down right now.  Haha!

So just like you add keywords to your blog post so it ranks on Google, I’m going to show you how to gain followers on Pinterest by using keywords successfully.

Finding Your Keywords

Since you’re looking for keywords in Pinterest, you’re going to use Pinterest Smart Search to find your keywords.  Makes sense, right?

Step One

What is your blog’s niche?  What keywords do you use in your SEO for blog posts or what are your blog Categories?  Use these word or phrases for your search.   For example, if you are a baker, you might want to use “cake baker” for your keyword.

Step Two

In the search screen at the top of Pinterest, type in the word or words from Step One and then press Enter.

Smart Search and Keywords

Step Three

You’ll see a line of various colored rectangles come up across the screen, right?  Well let me just say Ch-ching!!  (That was the sound of the slot machine making the noise when you win, in case you didn’t figure that out!!)

That’s because all of these words are the additional words that people on Pinterest are most commonly searching for when they are also searching the original word or phrase that you entered.  A-W-E-S-O-M-E, right??

They show from right to left and that’s the way they rank in order of most popular to least popular.

And if you weren’t aware, you can click on those words to get even more detailed but I would suggest not going too far.


As I mentioned earlier you’ll be adding them to various places on Pinterest showing in the list directly below:

  • Business Name (Yes, so that means if you don’t have one, you’ll want to set up a business account on Pinterest)
  • Bio under your profile
  • Board Titles
  • Board Descriptions
  • Pin Descriptions
  • Blog Titles

Download my amazing list of 100 Powerful Keywords that you can use in your blog post titles that will attract attention and entice people to re-pin your amazing pins!!  These words have been careful chosen and ones that I have used or currently use in my titles.


Do not overdo it on your keywords or as many bloggers and social media marketers called it, do not “stuff” your keywords.  Write 3 or 4 sentences adding keywords so they make sense and sound natural.

Please be patient because these changes will take some time for Pinterest SEO to index them but you’ll know because you’ll see an increase in followers and re-pins.

With these changes along with using along with using a tool, like Boardbooster, to keep pinning even while you’re not actually on Pinterest you will see increases in pins and followers in no time!!

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I’d love to hear how these keyword tips are working for you so come back and leave me a comment!!