WHY I INVESTED IN CONVERTKIT BEFORE MAKING A DIME ON MY WEBSITESo I knew from the very beginning of starting my website that I wanted it to not only be a blog but also to become my online business where I was providing valuable information to my readers and subscribers from Day 1.  But like many people, I did not have a lot of cash to invest especially because I had just invested in hosting for one year.

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I started really weighing the pros and cons to decide if I was really going to give this my all by putting my blood, sweat and tears into my business and make it successful.

If I was going to do this then I wanted everything about my business to look professional including my email.  I wanted it to have every option I was looking for so I decided to invest in Convertkit and, trust me, I haven’t looked back since!

Let me back up for a second because before I even launched my website, I signed up for Mailchimp just to get a feel for it and because it was free for up to 2000 subscribers.  I’ve seen many people on Pinterest and in Facebook Groups who recommended it because there’s no upfront investment.

So although I do consider myself to be extremely “tech-y”, I just couldn’t grasp Mailchimp.  It just felt clunky to me and I was not impressed.  Sorry Mailchimp, that’s my opinion!

As I was getting more and more frustrated, I also found out there were limitations with Mailchimp.  The main one for me was that they charge for duplicate subscribers so that’s when I started researching other email providers and I knew I wanted one where there wasn’t going to be such a steep learning curve like I was currently experiencing.

I was reading several blog posts and at the same time I was taking a few really great online courses and they’re telling me “your email list is one of your top priorities of your blog and business” so I wanted to make sure that I invested in something that I felt comfortable in using.  Something that was going to be simple from the start and be able to grow with my business as it continued to evolve.  That isn’t too much to ask, is it??

So after doing my extensive research and list making (yes, I am a HUGE list maker!!) and watching the videos on Convertkit website to help me understand their Dashboard, I was ready to commit!

Well I remember the first day I signed up and signed into the Dashboard and it was so easy to understand and so easy to get everything set up so right from the start.  I was extremely happy and knew I made the right decision.

Here is what I found to be the benefits of Convertkit:

Convertkit was created by a blogger!  Nathan Berry gave up his successful blog to create this amazing platform so he knows everything we as bloggers need.

Great affiliate program (You earn 30% commission each month from everyone you refer.  Yes, I said each month!)

With Convertkit you do not have to spend money renting a PO Box for your physical address in emails.

If you’re familiar with email marketing & newsletters you know that you must include an address at the bottom of each email.  It’s part of the CAN-SPAM ACT and if you don’t and get caught it’s a really hefty fine!  Yikes.

Of course, I didn’t want my home address being at the bottom of every email I sent out so at first I rented a PO Box and added another expense to my blog that wasn’t yet making any money.

But guess what?  Now if you are a customer of Convertkit you can use their address at the bottom of your emails!  This is saving me at least $80 per year because I no longer have to rent the PO Box.

If they get email they’ll open it, scan it and email it to you.  There is a whole article if you’re interested in reading more about it.

Convertkit is extremely flexible with many options of setting up your email marketing strategies which we’ll dive deep into below.

Forms With Convertkit

Convertkit gives you the option to have multiple forms per list so you can have multiple email opt-ins (AKA:  Freebies, Lead Magnets).

Subscribers sign up on your email list through forms.  It can be a form that is placed in the middle or at the end of your blog post or it can be a completely separate landing page and each form can have a separate incentive (pdf, ebook, templates, whatever your freebie might be) attached to it as showing below.Forms in ConvertkitHere is an example of what it looks like in Convertkit.

Form in Convertkit

And what it looks like on my website.

convertkit signup formWith Mailchimp, you can only have one opt-in form per list.

Tags & Segmenting:

Convertkit works by tagging or segmenting your subscribers.  It is one of my favorite features included.  Like I said, one of them because there are several!  So let’s say someone signs up for my Ultimate Guide to Create a Profitable Business showing above.  I could tag them “profitable business interest” then if the same person also signs up for something else on my website, I could also tag them again so they have multiple tags and I’m able to send them multiple emails for the interests that they have.  Pretty awesome, right?

Convertkit doesn’t count that subscriber multiple times, just once.  Also, they will not receive multiple of the same emails if you have duplicate emails in your sequences.

Sequences allow you to be able to send personalized emails with your tags and segments.

broadcast tags and segmentsSo with Mailchimp if a person signs up for multiple freebies and they have more than one tag, you are charged for 2 people instead of just one unlike Convertkit who just charges you for one person.

Single or Douple Opt In

Convertkit gives you the option of having a single or double opt in and that makes it your choice.  I love the fact that you can do single opt in because so many times people forget to click the confirmation email so this way they’re clicking the confirmation and getting their freebie download link at the same time.

With Mailchimp, they only have the double opt in.


This is another of my absolute favorite parts of Convertkit.  You can add link triggers which allow people to opt out of certain emails without opting out of your entire list.  So let’s say you’re launching a product and you have several emails going out about it, if a subscriber knows they aren’t going to purchase, they can click the link to no longer receive the emails about the launch of your product but they’ll still receive all other emails and still be subscribed to your email list.

trigger in convertkitTriggers can be used in so many different ways so there really is no right or wrong way.  They can be used to include or exclude people from forms or sequences.

Sequences (Auto responders)

Subscribers come into your website by entering their information into a form and your forms can be attached to a sequence.  A sequence then sends out emails as you have them set up to go out so it auto responds to your subscribers.  You can link one or more forms to a single sequence.

sequence settings exampleSequences can be used to set up your series of welcome emails to go out to automatically go out to new subscribers.  They can also be used for free email courses so when a person signs up on your website the form is hooked to your sequence of emails that go out daily for your email course.  It’s really that simple!

Broadcast emails

If you need to send an email to your entire list instead of specific people, you can use broadcast emails and send it immediately or set it up to be sent on a specific day and time.


Convertkit is able to be integrated with so many different programs to make sending emails flawless.  Below are just a few but there are many more.

integrations with convertkitIntegrating is easy with Convertkit.  All you need to do is install the Convertkit plugin and then add your API key which can be found in Convertkit under your account settings.

Email Templates

The email templates in Convertkit are made very basic.  They’ve done this because simple emails are better because businesses can personalize them more then templates with graphics.  Convertkit isn’t for you if you are interested in more graphic filled templates.  I love the fact that I can add my personalization into my emails rather than having templates.

How much do I have to pay?

First of all, there is only one price to get all of the fantastic features that Convertkit offers so there is no pricing tear.  Pricing goes by the number of subscribers you have and it starts out from 0-2000 which is $29 per month.  It does increase with more subscribers.

Now this price point is more than other email subscribers but of all of the features that you get & I haven’t even listed all of them, it is the best money that I pay each month.


There tutorials walk you through everything step-by-step and very easy to understand.  When I signed up, it took me no time at all before I had my first email sequence set up! Also, they have a free Facebook Group where people are always available for any questions that you may have.  They’re quick and very helpful!

If you are starting or have started an online business and want to have an email subscriber that grows with you and has many features then Convertkit is for you!  What questions do you have?  Let me know below.  If you’re ready to sign up click the button below!